Sports Medicine

What is “Sport Medicine”? Many people associate this field of medicine with “competitive athletes”. Sport Medicine, however, can apply to all active people, of all ages. This specialty deals with diagnosis and treatment of activity related injuries and illness. Sport Medicine can also encompass nutrition, exercise physiology, exercise prescription, and biomechanics. Sport Medicine Physicians can provide:

  • Diagnosis and comprehensive management of injury or illness in acute, sub-acute or chronic states
  • Co-ordination of investigations, treatments, and safe return to play f or athletes and active patients
  • Review and recommendation of exercise prescription for both individuals and teams
  • Pre-participation physical assessments to determine ability to participate in specific sport related activities and exercise
  • Counseling regarding medications and supplements in terms of health, doping control and legal implications
  • Management of rehabilitation goals and plan for return to sport or activity in co-ordination and co-operation with other medical and rehabilitation professionals
  • Advice and counseling regarding psychological issues and mental reparation for sport
  • Communication of their knowledge to coaches, athletes, teachers, parents, officials, administrators, etc.

Our Sports Medicine Physician is Dr. Derek Mackesy

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