Physiotherapy is one of the many health professions in Canada that focuses on the treatment and prevention of physical injury and disease. Physiotherapists have a broad range of hands on skills combined with extensive knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics to help relieve pain and restore movement. Physiotherapists are university educated and continue to up-grade their training with post graduate courses. Your initial visit involves a thorough assessment and treatment of your injury or concern through biomechanical analysis and objective testing. Your Physiotherapist will then implement an individualized treatment plan designed to treat your injury with the goal directed towards independence and return to pre – injury function. The treatment may include manual therapy techniques to mobilize the joints and soft tissue, electrical modalities to control inflammation and pain, acupuncture, and exercise prescription to stretch and strengthen the muscles. There will also be an educational component to the session that will help address issues such as body mechanics, ergonomics, injury prevention and return to sport/ recreation. Most of the services and techniques we provide at our clinic are often integrated into your physiotherapy session. Our therapists are unsurpassed in their formal education, post-graduate training, and their dedication to our clients. Their continuing education has broadened their knowledge and the skills they posses to best assist you with your recovery. We have established a referral network of exceptional health care professionals locally and provincially. If you could benefit from a service we do not provide we are more than happy to refer you to another professional who can offer you that service. With your permission we would be more than pleased to communicate our clinical findings to other members of your health care team.